To hear what a few of our client accounting firms have to say about their experiences with Audit Shield, scroll through above video testimonials.


Bevan & Partners, Brooks AB

Carrie Gronemeyer, Partner

``We have seen an increase in Canada Revenue Agency audit activity in recent years, so we believed it would be beneficial to offer Audit Shield to manage those costs to our clients. We also believe that when services like Audit Shield exist, our role as advisors is to present the option to our clients and let them decide what is best for them``.

Colby McGeachy Professional Corporation, Ottawa ON

Dawn McGeachy and Everett Colby, Principals

``Accountancy Insurance’s Audit Shield is another example of how our firm is offering the latest in technology and services, demonstrating to our clients that we are cutting-edge. Our clients appreciate the comfort of knowing that if they are audited they will have us to represent them at no cost. This takes one of the major worries of being a small business off the table, and it provides peace of mind to individuals and businesses alike. This is particularly the case for those clients that have had reviews or audits recently or in prior years. Peace of mind is the greatest outcome we can provide our clients, and that is what makes Audit Shield definitely worthwhile.``

Cusimano Professional Corporation, Toronto ON

Anthony M. Cusimano, President

``As Audit Shield was a new concept to my clients, at first they were unsure of it. What I found was that with a simple explanation of how it works and how it could benefit them, a lot of my clients expressed an interest, and they were satisfied with the information provided to them. It is VERY EASY to implement Audit Shield, with the help of the staff at Accountancy Insurance. It has allowed my firm to differentiate from other CA firms and offer clients confidence in the event of an audit, so I would definitely recommend it.``

Gilmour Group, Langley BC

Grant Gilmour, International Tax Partner

``Audit Shield has taken the pressure off audits. In the past when a client was audited they would try to ‘nickel and dime’ the audit defence process. They would often try to do it themselves, which returned disastrous results. Clients now recognize the value of Audit Shield, and having a professional defence. Accounting firms without Audit Shield need to think about their client base and consider the fee to risk sensitivity. Audit Shield can be proposed as a savings when compared to risk.``

Good Redden Klosler LLP, Simcoe & Tillsonburg ON

Mike Redden, Partner

``Audit Shield gives our clients freedom from uncertainty. Clients come to accountants to get things done properly, but with the Canada Revenue Agency in the mix, things can go off the rails. Audit Shield gives clients a level of assurance that everything is going be ok``.

Integra Solutions Group CPA, Calgary AB

Ken Schultz, Principal

``Audit Shield has enabled us to facilitate discussions with our clients regarding the way governments have stepped up their questions and the issues that are now being explored by them and, consequently, the time that we have devoted to dealing with those issues and questions. In turn, it has allowed us to assert strongly that this activity has cost us a great deal in terms of professional work that we have previously not invoiced but done simply as a courtesy to clients. Thanks to Audit Shield we are now able to say, ‘not any more’. We have seen that our clients are more supportive of the Audit Shield Fee Waiver Service than we initially expected. Clients who contacted us once they received the initial offer were simply seeking further information, and did not express any concerns.``

Kingston Ross Pasnak LLP, AB

Hugh Neilson FCPA, FCA, TEP - Director, Taxation

``I know that I've been very happy with the results of making Audit Shield available to clients at our firm. Even clients who decline still appreciate being afforded the choice, and I have had quite a few note that this is a no-brainer for them, based on costs incurred in the past from CRA reviews``.

KWB Chartered Accountants, Edmonton AB

David Wickenberg, Partner

“Thanks to Audit Shield, we can now easily invoice for work that we struggled to bill previously. We also are hearing our clients saying that their peace of mind has really improved now that they no longer worry about additional fees. Offering Audit Shield is definitely worthwhile. It is surprising how many clients really like it and want it. As an added bonus, our Account Manager has been great to deal with, and Audit Shield has financially benefited our firm.”

Michael H. Keltz Chartered Accountant, East York ON

Michael Keltz, Principal

``It was no hassle to implement Audit Shield and the Accountancy Insurance team were pretty spot on with the expectation of client take up.``

Schwartz Levitsky Feldman llp, Toronto ON

Stacy Mitchell, Partner

``The data review to group my clients was a very efficient process. In fact, I found the entire process of implementing Audit Shield to be very simple.``

Schwartz Levitsky Feldman llp, Toronto ON

Brett Starkman, Partner

``We were surprised how few clients called to ask for an explanation of the Audit Shield offer. The clients that liked the idea just started sending in cheques. We are glad that to have implemented Audit Shield into our accounting firm.``

Welch LLP, Ottawa, ON

Don Scott, FCPA, FCA, Tax Partner

``I have been very happy with the results in being able to offer up Audit Shield to Welch LLP clients. Great service from Sharon and the crew at Accountancy Insurance``.