To answer the question, ‘Why Accountancy Insurance?’ it is important to understand the Accountancy Insurance journey so far.

Accountancy Insurance was established in 2003 by current Managing Director, Pat Driscoll. The ultimate objective for Accountancy Insurance was to work exclusively with public practice accounting firms and to ensure tax audit insurance ‘worked’ for them.

At present, we partner with more than 3000 accounting firms throughout Canada, Australia and New Zealand.

Our success has been gained as a result of our collective passion for customer service, ensuring our offerings always reflect our client’s needs, and supporting the accounting community via our alliances with the major tax and accounting bodies.

So why would you choose to work with Accountancy Insurance? Put simply, we work solely with accounting firms, so we understand what is happening in the industry, and also how precious your time is. Our proven delivery method will not only maximize client take up, but minimize the firm time and resources required to facilitate the offer to your clients.