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Accountancy Insurance

Accountancy Insurance was established in 2003 specializing in Audit Shield – a comprehensive offering which covers the professional fees incurred as a result of an official audit, enquiry, investigation or review of a filed return instigated by Canada Revenue Agency (CRA) and other relevant government revenue agencies. Today more than 3000 accounting firms in Commonwealth countries enjoy the benefits of Audit Shield.

Powered by knowledge

We work solely with accounting firms, so we understand what is happening in the industry, and also how precious your time is.

Client centric

Our success has been gained as a result of our collective passion for customer service and ensuring our offerings always reflect our client’s needs.


Tax audit insurance tailored specifically to the needs of Canadian accounting firms. We have the history and depth of knowledge to ensure Audit Shield has you covered when it matters.

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We truly take the risk and the hassle out of government initiated reviews/audits – freeing you to offer better service to your clients and to grow your business.


BC EV Rebate Program Amended

BC EV Rebate Program Amended

British Columbia’s (BC) electric vehicle (EV) rebate program has proven popular over the years. To the extent, it has severally run out of funds. However, this has prompted concern that perhaps the program has not been assisting ordinary citizens, but rather those that could have easily afforded such vehicles even without a rebate. Now the […]

New ESG Rules To Hit Small Canadian Businesses

New ESG Rules To Hit Small Canadian Businesses

The International Financial Reporting Standards Foundation (IFRS) is proposing a new accounting standard to be imposed in Canada by the Intentional Sustainability Standards Board (ISSB). This standard is based on the environmental, social and governance (ESG) concept and is likely to hit Canadian SMEs hard. They have put forward a draft plan. Currently, there are […]

Canada’s Inflation Rate Hits 8.1percent

Canada’s Inflation Rate Hits 8.1percent

Despite inflation setting the highest record since 1983 by reaching 8.1% in June, the outcome was better than what financial analysts expected. Their earlier predictions were that inflation would rise to 8.4%. Though gas prices were a key driver that saw consumers pay 6.2% more in June as compared to May and up by 54.6% […]


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    Insurance will not cover every event or loss. Limits apply to cover. Audit Shield is underwritten by certain underwriters at Lloyd’s. Cover provided by an insurance policy is subject to the terms, conditions and exclusions described in the relevant policy. Contact us for a copy.

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